RMI-certified Tungsten smelter
Reduce CO2 emissions and strive for environmental sustainability under the circular economy model.
As a recycling company, Lianyou Metals attaches great importance to the environmental protection treatment of water and air during the manufacturing process, and incorporates custom-built equipment and mechanisms to ensure the safety and cleanliness of factory water and air discharge, protect the land, and strive for environmental sustainability. Multiple patents are designated to our special in-house developed energy-efficient recycling methods.
★The only tungsten smelter company in Taiwan
The first tungsten smelting company in Taiwan to produce tungsten metal raw materials under the concept of "circular economy".
★Your key strategic parter in tungsten and beyond.
Since 2019, Lianyou Metals has continued to provide high-quality sodium tungstate.
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Refine raw materials to achieve a circular economy

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Environmental friendly

Recycling resources, protecting land, and striving for environmental protection and sustainability

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Lianyou Resources Co., Ltd.

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Lianyou-exclusive technology | Alloys are reduced to raw materials for industrial needs

Lianyou Metals has a unique production technology in Taiwan to refine the required raw materials to achieve the current global circular economy trend.